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Do you want to enjoy singing and develop your vocal skills under inspiring, fun and expert guidance? I am Saara Koivisto, an Authorised Complete Vocal Technique-teacher and I offer singing and voice tuition for solo singers, groups and companies/organizations. My warm and dedicated approach together with my deep knowledge of the voice and the bodywork of singing guarantee you the chance to unleash the full potential of your voice!



Teaching Philosophy

Singing technique can be packaged and presented in many different ways. However the basis of improving your vocal ability, whether the goal is to improve the tone and sound of your voice or achieve a wider range, is always the connection between the voice and the body. In order to use the full potential of the voice, we must support the voice with power from the body. When voice is produced in a free, unhindered way, the voice does not get tired or strained. The most important thing for me as a singing teacher is to support and help the singer in his/her own singing path, guiding in the right way at the right time because we all have our own unique way and rhythm in learning and internalizing things.

Respect each singer

My approach to singing teaching is founded on respect for each and every singer’s unique voice and I strive to support all singers’ love of singing whole-heartedly and with all my competence. Singing becomes even more rewarding and enjoyable once you find more strength, dynamics and nuances in your voice and get to relax possible voice and body tensions during singing.

Saara Koivisto

Singing is essential to my life, almost like breathing. It gives me pure joy and energy, a chance to live perfectly in the moment and feel wholesome. As an Authorised Complete Vocal Technique teacher (graduated June 2015) I have an amazing set of tools that enable me to understand and teach various singing techniques that are specific to different musical styles. In addition to my experience of singing in show- and gospel choirs I actively perform as the vocalist of rhythm&blues band Hi-Five Quintet (www.hfq.fi) and in the a cappella group Soundelicious. Always keeping an open mind I actively participate in singing technique workshops and courses to find new inspiration and points of view. Most recently I participated in an Estill Voice training course led by world famous vocal coach Ann-Marie Speed at the Helsinki City Theatre.

Solo singing lessons

In solo lessons we focus on unleashing the full potential of your unique singing voice. Areas we can work on in solo lessons:

  • widening your range
  • dynamics and resonance of your voice
  • different techniques typical of different musical genres (pop, r&b/soul, jazz, rock, country, musical, classical)
  • strenghtening interpretation
  • body work, breathing and support
  • easing tensions that hinder singing
  • exploring reasons behing hoarseness and other voice issues

In the first lesson we go through your current state, how your voice is, how you use it and how you hope to develop. With some singers we can go straight to tweaking technical nuances, and with others we start by improving the general tone, all depending on the singer’s needs.

People who talk and sing a lot can experience a voice that gets tired or hoarse and that can be addressed in singing lessons. We will also go through the condition of your support muscles, postural alignment and possible chronic tensions, as an open and elastic body is the basis of singing that feels free and effortless.

Duo lessons

Make singing lessons more fun by booking a lesson with a friend/relative/singing partner to work on harmonies, duo performance or just for mutual support.

Groups & choirs

I offer different trainings and workshops for vocal groups and choirs that can be tailored for your needs. Examples of group teaching: – 3h CVT-singing technique workshop and 3h of masterclasses, during which the group follows solo lessons being given – 3h group training, where we work on the sound of the whole group or work on the different sections, and strengthen the joint interpretation based on the needs of the group

Voice training for companies

Many different jobs demand a lot from the voice. People working in sales and marketing and customer service as well as many others rely on the voice without which they could not carry out their work. Voice problems are not very widely addressed and many people do not know much about them, with the exception of voice professionals. Even basic vocal technique and voice care knowledge is enough to maintain a healthy voice. I tailor each training based on company needs.

Vocal Tecnique Workout – Listen:

 Saara Koivisto: Work It Out (Beyoncé)


Different singing techniques can be applied to bring different flavours to your unique sound. In this example I follow Beyoncé’s r&b style and her typical light sound colour, clearly twanged sound and effects like ornamentation and vibrato.


vocaljaminfo (at) gmail.com
+358 45 35 10 388


Solo lessons 60 min/65€
Duo lessons 90min/96€ (48€ per person)
Tailored voice training for groups (choirs, vocal groups, bands, companies) Please ask via email (vocaljaminfo@gmail.com)

All prices include 24% VAT. Payment by invoice.

When & Where

Singing lessons and small group teaching takes place in Taka-Töölö at Mechelininkatu 49 (near bus and tram stops). The room fits 10 people comfortably.

Teaching hours

Mon-Thurs between 10am-4pm.
Wed evenings
Sun afternoons

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Sing with me!

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